About Mike

I was born and raised in and around show business. My Dad, Big Jim, was and still is a Teamster/driver working for the TV and movie studios. Mom was a retired stuntwoman. I was a good student, an even better athlete and I thought I might even follow in Mom’s footsteps. But that all changed when I was 15. I solved my first homicide. My next door neighbor killed his mother, and I cracked the case. (I wrote about it in detail in The Rabbit Factory.) After that, there was only one path. I wanted to be a cop.

I was working Robbery-Homicide in Hollywood when a junkie trying to stick up a Dunkin Donuts got shot and killed by a cop on a coffee break. I caught the case, and that’s where I met Joanellen Stockton. Joanie was a third grade teacher who was having coffee when the robbery took place. Once I got past the pretty face and mesmerizing blue eyes, I realized I was dealing with a warm, caring woman, who was so filled with compassion that she cried for the dead junkie. We were married within a year. Seven years later she got sick. Three years after that she died. It’s been a slow road back for me. But I’ve got my job, my partner, my father, family, friends and much to my amazement, someone new that I love.

Bottom line: I’m just your average LA cop, who puts his pants on one leg at a time. I like football, horse racing, Alfred Hitchcock movies, dogs of all shapes and sizes, and people who say what they mean and do what they say. But most of all, I like the feeling I get when I crack a case and bring a murderer to justice. I love it actually. Have loved it ever since I was 15.